LEX - 00315

Bed Frame with Locking Castor Wheels

Built using item’s MB Building Kit System, a basic platform bed frame can be constructed in very little time. The aluminum construction is lighter than steel but almost as strong. No welds makes the profiles in this frame reusable for other projects once the bed is no longer needed. By adding lockable castor wheels, this bed can be easily moved into position and then secured in place by locking the wheels.
900 mm wide by 2030 mm long by 703 mm high (end frames);
platform height 402 mm without mattress

Price for this solution: 830.00 USD

Please note:

All solutions shown here require partial or full assembly.
If you would like your containment or efficiency solutions assembled for you, please let us know when placing your request
and we will send you a new quote with assembly included.
Thank you!

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